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How to output a shortcode in an input field

  • Hi,

    I have a gallery plugin, and when I put the shortcode for my gallery in an WYSIWYG editor, it works fine. But I want the editor to only put in a shortcode (nothing else), so I would like to use a text field so a user can only enter the shortcode.

    I did that, but how would I display that on my page now? Simply going:

    <?php the_field(‘cf_custom_gallery’); ?>

    is not working for me. (where cf_custom_gallery is the name of my text input field)

    Anyone know how to display it, or another way to approach this?



  • Hi all, here is an update.

    I am using a text input field to add a shortcode. My shortcode looks like this:

    [fancygallery id="1" album="6"]

    in my php page, I am doing this:

    	$myvalue = get_field( "cf_custom_gallery" ); 
        echo do_shortcode("$myvalue");

    but it is not outputting. If I manually do this:

        echo do_shortcode('[fancygallery id="1" album="6"]');

    it works.

    ANy suggestions ?



  • Hi @joecannes

    Your code looks good, but you don’t need the double quotes around the "$myvalue" variable.

    Perhaps the value is not being loaded. You can debug the data like so:

    $myvalue = get_field( "cf_custom_gallery" ); 
    echo '<pre>';
    	print_r( $myvalue );
    echo '</pre>';
  • Hi Elliott,

    Thanks for your suggestion, I did try that, and the value was appearing. But I actually got it working!

    The problem was the double quotes in the shortcode.

    [fancygallery id="1" album="6"]

    If I removed the double quotes, it worked.

    [fancygallery id=1 album=6]

    But I could not tell the client to always delete the double quotes when inserting a shortcode, so I kept the short code as-is:

    [fancygallery id="1" album="6"]

    and within advanced custom fields, I changed the format setting for the Text field type to “Convert HTML into tags” instead of “No formatting”

    It works now!



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