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How to organize product data that can be re-used?

  • I have a site where I review products and give recommendations for users based on various parameters.

    I have a page with 10 products. Each product exists in a Repeater (Add Row to add another product to the list)

    I want to showcase 3 products at the top of the page from the list of 10 below. Each of the 3 are “best in class” for their respective parameters.


    I need help with figuring out the best way to handle and manage these products. I want to be able to pick from the list of products already entered on the page, and therefore I was looking at either Relationship or Post Object.

    I’m not sure if that’s the right way to think about it.

    Going another route, I considered setting up a Custom Post Type and storing each product there, and fetching them in for both the list of 10 as well as the top 3 by Post Object.

    Any guidance or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

  • Go with the CPT for storing each product with either post object or relationship fields for making choices.

  • @hube2 OK thanks, I’ll go that route then.

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