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How to modify the capabilities of taxonomy?

  • I want to modify the item equivalent to “RENAME CAPABILITIES” for custom posts in taxonomy as well.
    Alternatively, I would like to override the settings using a filter hook.
    Is there a way to do this currently?

  • It’s really new, so I don’t really have an answer. If there are any filters that can be used in ACF they are not documented, but I can’t really find anything useful in the ACF code.

    You can probably use the WP hook register_taxonomy_args.

    For an ACF specific filter you’d probably need to contact the developers.

  • Hello John,

    Using the WP hook, it seems like I’ll be able to achieve my goal.
    If I need an ACF-specific filter in the future, I’ll reach out to the developers like you suggested.
    Thanks for the valuable advice.

    Best regards,

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