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How to mark a field as a toggle-field for conditional logic

  • I’m using a plugin by Daniel Pataki which creates a field where the user can choose a role for their WP user. However I guess this question applies to the creation of any custom field:

    How can I get ACF to recognise a custom field as a toggle-field so that I can use conditional logic.


    Is it as simple as adding a parameter to the field creation/render function that will enable it as a conditional-logic based field?

  • If I understand correctly there are already checkbox fields and radio button field types that you can change your custom field too…See the ‘Field Type’ dropdown.

  • thanks @magicstick. the problem is the field in that plugin, is not being recognised as a field that can be used with conditional logic. The plugin allows for select/radio/checkbox methods, but neither of these are being identified as conditional-logic friendly fields.

    i have asked the plugin author on Github about this, but was wondering if there’s some way i can perhaps do it myself if i know how ACF identifies a field as being usable in a conditional-logic rule

  • If you can be more specific as to what method you are trying to use then I can provide an example because they can absolutely be used for logic. Pretty much the whole reason for them 🙂

  • The field is from another plugin that creates checkboxes, so unless the author of that add on plugin also made modification to the conditional logic code, then no, it can’t be used for conditional fields.

    If you want to do this you’ll need to not use the add on and use a standard ACF checkbox field and dynamically generate the values for the field. The example given here can also be used for checkboxes

  • Thanks @hube2 @magicstick

    I think the problem lies with the plugin then. Will wait to see what the developer says.

    Appreciate the help anyways.

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