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How to make a taxonomie child / parent

  • Hello fellow ACf users,
    I can’t find the option to set a taxonomie created with ACF as the child of another:

    Within WordPress in the catogeries there is a dropdown field where the parent can be selected. Easy. As an ACF newbie I don’t understand how to do this with my own taxonomies I create with ACF.

    Thank you for your help! 🙂

  • Taxonomies aren’t children of one another. Taxonomy terms can be hierarchical to where they can have parent/child relationships (like categories.)

    When registering a taxonomy, you just make sure the hierarchical toggle is on if that’s what you want. If it’s not on, the terms cannot have parent/child relationships and be nested. If hierarchical is on, they can be and when you go to create terms in that taxonomy, you should see the ability to set an existing term within that taxonomy as the parent.

  • Ouch, thank you! What a rookie mistake!
    I didn’t notice that the terms were now available in my new taxonomie.
    Thank you so much for your quick reply! 🙂

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