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How to: Loop through value and label

  • I would like to select links from my custom field and display them in this format: <a href="$value">$label</a>.
    How can I loop through both value and label at the same time ?

    Best regards,


  • Hi @slaughter77

    This depends on the type of field you are referring to. Can you please describe what field type you are using, and where the label / value come from?

    I would assume that you are using a select field and the label will come from the choices. If this is correct, you can see a code example of this on the select field’s documentation –


  • Yes, I am using the select field.I need to loop throught multiple $value and $label values and display them as a list(url list).

    I am also struggling with adding custom fields to display on my single post and homepage/blogpage. I can’t seem to find where to add the code to display custom fields on both.

    Thank you for your time.

  • I figured how to display custom fields on both posts and homepage 🙂 so that’s not a problem anymore.

  • Hi @slaughter77

    Thanks for the update. Did you follow the code example on the linked tutorial I mentioned.

    How are you going with your code?


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