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How to limit flexible content to 1 of each layout?

  • If I have 5 different layouts within one Flexible Content – and I would like to let the user chose to use 1,2,3,4 or 5 of them, but never have more than 1 of any particular layout type in use, how would I do that?

    With repeaters – if the use case required there to be 1 and only 1 I can use the max / min rows to set that up. Wondering how I would do the same with flexible content?

    Flexible content seems like it will be worlds better for the use case which is porting over a stupid big spreadsheet. It may not need every excel row (layout), but should not have more than one of any layout type on display.

    Related question: If 5 layouts all have the same set of columns, is there a method to be able to define it once, but with separate titles? Hoping to avoid the situation where a future change to the structure requires me to replicate that action 5 times.

  • Yes there is a way to limit the max number of each layout. When editing the layout, below the layout label and name are 3 additional fields including “Min” and “Max” these are for setting the minimum and maximum number of this layout that can be inserted.

    As far as the related question, this topic has come up may times.

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