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How to insert a field on a CPT "homepage"

  • Hi again,

    I have setup custom post types for a portfolio. Now I would like to insert a custom field in order to be able to change the background image on the portfolio page, not on each project page.

    Thanks in advance


  • Hi,

    You should setup options page and make field for portfolio background. When just use background field to portfolio template like this:

    <?php the_field('fieldname', 'options');?>

    In this case you will choose background only once, but it will be visible on each portfolio post.

  • Thanks Mariol,

    Is there any possibility to have the background only for the portfolio page, as I did setup different background for the different projects pages ?

    Thanks 🙂

  • Not sure what you want to achieve 🙂 You can create theme template only for portfolio page and use acf background field ONLY for that template.

  • Ok, I’ll try to be clear enough 😛

    I created a archive-projects.php template. I want to have a background image only on that page. That is the portfolio page, the one where you see all the projects. I also created single-projects.php, which the template for each project pages. But for this one I know how to insert a background for each page. But for archive-projects.php, I don’t know because there is no way to edit that page in the admin. That is why I liked the idea of the options page 🙂

    Am I clearer? 🙂

  • Yeah now its clear 🙂

    Open your functions.php file and add this code if options page is not visible in WP menu

    // register options page
    if(function_exists('acf_add_options_page')) { 

    When create field group with field f.e.’portfolio_background’
    When choose field group location -> Show this field group if [OPTIONS PAGE] is equal to [OPTIONS].

    Inside archive-projects.php add

    <?php the_field('portfolio_background', 'options');?>

    That would be the way how to echo some field and control it if you don’t have page in WP menu.

  • I need to buy the add-on “Options page” for that, right?

  • Yeah in this case. or just acf 5 pro pack with options page included.

  • I works !! Thanks Mariol !! 😉

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