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How to improve performance for very long forms?

  • I manage a real state website that has a lot of Custom Fields. This ends up in a very long and heavy back-end when editing a real state. The browser gets very laggy and the UX overall isn’t good.

    I improved it a bit by using ACF: Accordion Tab Field plugin (, the height of the page shrinked from 29893px to 4483px, just by tabbing the contents, but it is still laggy on the backend, because even if it’s hidden, it still have to load a lot of stuff.

    Is there some kind of “ajax tab” or something that loads the fields on-demand? Or, how do I improve the back-end performance for such a lengthy page?


  • Do you have a lot of WYSIWYG fields on the page? If so, enabling the Delay initialization? option for those fields may help reduce the JavaScript overhead on the page.

  • 5.6.0, when released, will also turn off the display of the standard WP custom field section by default, which will improve performance significantly. You can to this now using:

    add_filter('acf/setting/remove_wp_meta_box', '__return_true');
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