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How to import to ACF User field with WPAllImport

  • Hi,
    I have an ACF field group set up on a Taxonomy, “Events”.
    One of the ACF fields (actually, a field inside a Group field) is called “Moderator”. It is an ACF User field which allows for selection from WordPress users.

    I am using the WPAllImport plugin to import terms to “Events”.
    I need to ensure that a source input field – which is a name like mine, “Robert Andrews” – can import and match up to the user “Robert Andrews” via the “Moderator” field.

    In WPAllImport, when I enable the ACF settings for my field group, sure enough the “Moderator” field appears, and I can populate it from source material. In fact, it loads with the text “Array” already in its text box.

    I have dragged in the source input value, which is “Robert Andrews”.

    However, I find this does not import at all to the User field called “Moderator”.

    I have tried…


    The WPAllImport import log says “Importing field participants_moderator” – but the value is not set.

  • This cannot be done wile importing posts. This might help

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