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How to hide Custom Taxonomy?

  • How to hide Custom Taxonomy box with Display Options?

    On standard post type ( post, page ) it’s possible to hide box, it’s works.

    On custom post type hide only default box, not custom taxonomy boxes.

    There are a way to hide custom taxonomy box?

    • Elliot

    • November 29, 2013 at 10:16 am

    Hi @gnekkognek

    ACF does not provide support for custom taxonomy in the ‘hide on screen’ options.
    Perhaps you could use the ACF action such as ‘acf/input/admin_head’ to place some some CSS in the head tag to hide the metabox?

    Please consult the docs page for info about this action

    Hope that helps.


  • Hi,

    You can use remove_meta_box.

  • nice, thanks @hayatbiralem

  • For anyone too lazy to go look at the Codex, here it what I used:

    // example custom post type is "event"
    // example custom taxonomy is "events-category"
    function remove_default_event_category_metabox() {
    	remove_meta_box( 'tagsdiv-events-category', 'event', 'side' );
    add_action( 'admin_menu' , 'remove_default_event_category_metabox' );
    • Stronky

    • February 21, 2019 at 5:35 am

    Awesome, thx for your help, for me works:
    'tagsdiv-{$tax-name}' - Custom taxonomies metabox
    '{$tax-name}div' - Hierarchical custom taxonomies metabox
    because I have setup:
    hierarchical: true

    hope it helps too for the future 🙂

  • Same here – the meta box name given by @elementh (Stronky) works, the one prefixed with tagsdiv- doesn’t. (WP 5.1.1 and ACF 5.8 RC.)

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