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How to get values from another post

  • Hi Community Members,

    I have a small problem,

    I have a CF in posts and I want to display that fields values in another custom post type. Actually the code to get values from another post is below.

    <p><?php the_field('field_name', 123); ?></p>

    But this is not dynamic way, I have custom template for my CPT if I use that above code it display the same value in all posts.

    My question is how can I append post id dynamically, because different CPT posts have to get values from the related posts.

    Anybody have suggestions.

  • You would need to set up a relationship between the posts, for example a post object field. Then you’d get the post ID from the current post and use that post ID to get the value from the other post.

  • If you don’t mind would you provide me a example code.

  • Hey, Thanks I got the result. And we can achieve this with relationship field?

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