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How to get the count of a child field inside a nested repeater

  • Hello all,

    I have a page that has three levels of nested repeaters, which are structured like so:

     * Field Structure:
     * - grandparent_repeater (Repeater)
     *    - grandparent_building (number)
     *    - parent_repeater (Repeater)
     *       - parent_floor (number)
    *        - child_repeater (Repeater)
    *             - availability (text)
    *             - apartment_number (number) 
    *             - price (number)
    *             - rooms (number)

    It’ all working, except what i need to do now which is get the number of apartments (using the apartment_number, since all apartments have a number) on each floor, $parent_floor. Right now, the code as I am pasting in gives me an error because $count is not used on an array.

    How can i make that work? I have a little more experience writing jQuery then PHP. In the code below is the line that is not working, $count = count(get_sub_field('$apartment_number'));. Also FYI, you don’t see the grandparent repeater as it doesn’t affect this question.

    If it helps, what i am doing with this is a page listing apartments. It displays all the floors of a building, and each floor is a row (except for mobile screens) with the number of columns equal to the number of floors. You can see below echo '<ul class="apt-row inFade apt-' . $count . '">'; which is where I want to use the results of getting the number of $apartment_number for each floor to appand to apt- that number: <ul class="apt-row inFade apt-">.

    Floors with 5 units, their ul will have a class of apt-5, floors with 4 units will have apt-4, etc. The reason for all this is the building has a penthouse, with 1 unit, and a 2nd penthouse on the next-to-top floor with 2 units. So this design helps show the apartments in a visual layout that matches how nice it is.

    // Loop over sub repeater rows.
                    if( have_rows('parent_repeater') ):
                        while( have_rows('parent_repeater') ) : the_row();  
                        echo '<ul class="floor tower' .  $grandparent_building . '">';
                        // Get parent value.
                        $parent_floor = get_sub_field('parent_floor');
                                echo '<li class="apHeight sec-bg parent-floor-">';
                                echo '<span>Floor ';
                                echo $parent_floor;
                                echo '</span></li>';           
                                echo '<li>';           
                                // Loop over child repeater rows.
                                if( have_rows('child_repeater') ):
                                    // Get sub values.
                                    $availability = get_sub_field('availability');
                                    $apartment_number = get_sub_field('apartment_number');
                                    //// @todo : this is where i need help
                                    // get number of apartments inside child_repeater
                                    $count = count(get_sub_field('$apartment_number'));
                                    // class apt- should be apt-{number of units on that floor}
                                    echo '<ul class="apt-row inFade apt-' . $count . '">';
                                    while( have_rows('child_repeater') ) : the_row();
                                    // if ('ul.apt-row > li').length == '5') { echo jQuery('ul.apt-row > li').length }
                                        echo '<li class="child-unit-">';
                                        echo '<span class="unit-">';
                                        echo $apartment_number;
                                        echo '</span>';
                                        echo '<span class="availability-unit">';
                                        echo $availability;
                                        echo '</span>';
                                        echo '</li>';
                                    echo '</ul>';
                                echo '</li>';           
                                echo '</ul>';
  • To get the number of rows you need to get the count of the repeater instead of the count of a sub field of that repeater. You need to get the count in the parent before your call have_rows for the parent. The reason for this is that ‘child_repeater’ is not a sub field of child_repeater

    while( have_rows('parent_repeater') ) : the_row();  
      // ...
      $count = count(get_sub_field('child_repeater'));
      if( have_rows('child_repeater') ):
  • Thanks John, that did it!

  • While I have you, can you help me sort the floors so highest is first? It is this echo '<ul class="floor tower' . $grandparent_building . '">'; which is the floors. You can see the page here:


  • sorting a repeater field is not an easy thing to do, even more so with multiple nested repeaters. You’d have to somehow do it as an array and loose all ability to use have_rows loops. I don’t even know if it’s possible.

    There is a basic idea here

    I have also used usort, but never for anything with nested values so I can’t even say if that’s possible.

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