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How to get field metadata (field definition)?

  • I would like to get the field definition (metadata like name, type, label, choices, etc.) like using the get_field_object($field_key, $post_id, $options) BUT without the needs to have a post_id.

    Something like:

    $m = get_field_definition('my_acf_field');
    if($m['type'] == 'select') print_r $m['choices'];


  • Get to work with this:

    $field = get_field_object($field_key);
    echo $field[‘choices’][‘fr’];

    A question: are the field key ‘stable’. i.e., they are created/associated when a field is created and then the never changes?

    There is way to get the field key from the field name? I would like not to write specifically field keys in the source code….

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