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How to get checkbox value from custom field?

  • I’ve created a custom field for pages, where you can check if a certain section (another custom post type) will be displayed.

    How do I check if a checkbox (or multiple) are checked?

    If I do this I get an array:

    $show_sections_on_page = get_field('show_sections_on_page');

    Now, is my only option to manually iterate through the list every time I need to check for a certain value, or am I missing some other obvious way to go about something like this?

  • checkboxes store arrays. Yes, you need to check the array to see if it holds your value. If you want to check to see if the array contains a specific value

  • Thanks John, yeah just iterated the bugger. Was just wondering whether I’d be missing some obvious fancy way of getting the values.

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