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How to get a id of a field from field group?

  • I created a field group and inside the group there are 2 fields, I need each field’s data separately.
    In ACF views shortcode, I found the shortcode but I can’t find the id of a specific field.
    in the shortcode showing this ,

    [acf_views view-id=”2060″ object-id=”ANOTHER_POST_ID” name=”Nutrition facts”]


    displays the view, chosen ACF fields should be filled at the target object. Insert ID in place of “ANOTHER_POST_ID”

    So I need to find the ID of the target field, How?
    somebody please I gave posts_id and meta_id it doesn’t work,
    when I am given the shortcode full, showing 2 data, I need only one.

  • You should be contacting the developer of ACF Views for help with using that plugin.

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