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How to find which custom field id we did used for the site?

  • Recently, i had to move my one of old wordpress site to a new server after the whole server got defaced(hacked) by hackers. To avoid php shell hacked script being used again, i had to abandon old backup server files in old server. But i did backup database and moved to new server and re-installed all old plugins.

    But now i could not remember which filed name did i used in the post to add the custom fields data.

    I’m aware the information is stored in wp_postmeta table and we could get it, but i higly relay on custom field, so most of the contents where added in postmeta table instead of posts table.

    Here is the screenshot image of the database meta data :

    I need to find which filed name did i use and which field type did i use “”

    This site was build on 2017, so i dont remember much.. but i remember, i did used repeater to add more data in custom field.

    If someone could help me to find the right information to solve my issue?

  • If you restored the DB did the fields and field groups not get restored?

    All of the field groups and fields are posts in the posts table. The post content of these posts contains either the field group settings of the field type/settings. Field posts have a post_parent that is either the field group they belong to or the parent field in the case of repeaters.

  • Nope it did not restored, thats the problem here, im trying to figure out what field name i gave it, or did i just use categories in the repeater… no idea.. its a Tamil Bible, so its not that easy to re do the same things again, so im trying to find a way to get it back and use the values again in the site.

    I can give access to the site and database, could u able to take a look at it?

  • None out there to help me? Still waiting for response from the team to solve my issue.

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