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How to dynamically set specific field read only

  • Hi,
    i’d like to prevent user from modifying a field value, once the post has been published.

    => is there any action / filter / function to dynamically set this field to read-only in wp-admin, “if post_status == ‘publish’ && current_user_can(“publisher”) ?

    Thanks for your help

  • Hi Baptiste,

    Yes, you can use the acf/load_field filter to modify the field object. The code would look something like this:

    function my_load_field($field) {
    	if(...) {
    		$field['readonly'] = 1;
    	return $field;
    add_filter("acf/load_field", "my_load_field");

    For more info, check out the documentation of the filter. Here is the link:

  • Hi —

    I have found that setting readonly to 1 works for text fields, but not for fields of other types — if there’s a widget, the widget still functions (*and* changed values are saved). In my case I have both a select of users and a radio dialog box.

    Currently I am getting around this by converting each field to a text field in the load_field filter, plus setting it to readonly.

    But this feels very hacky and fragile — I already ran into a problem where I had switched between saving the label or the value of a choice and it broke.

    So I would like to add my vote for official support of the ability to dynamically set a field to readonly, and have that work for widgets as well.

  • Hi @draperd

    Could you please open a new ticket so your request can be passed directly to the plugin author? You can open a new ticket here: Also, please don’t forget to explain your request again.

    Thanks 🙂

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