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how to display 'visual' and 'text' tabs on post editor?

  • hi there,

    i’m using ACF to include a second wp post editor box on my pages in wp admin. this content will display in a custom sidebar for each page.

    that part is working correctly, but i don’t see the ‘visual’ and ‘text’ tabs on the editor in wp admin. looks like it’s ‘visual’ only.

    they show on the main default post editor box, but not on the editor box that ACF creates. is it possible to add the ‘visual’ and ‘text’ tabs to an editor created by ACF?

    sorry if this has been answered already – i did a search & didn’t find this specific question.


  • Old question but, ACF 4 does not use the standard WP editor field and there isn’t a way to add the text/visual tabs to it. ACF 5 (the Pro version) uses the standard WP editor and it includes the tabs.

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