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How to display the output of a select field in user profile backend

  • Okay so i have a registration form (made with elementor and acf) and i have a select field where registrees can choose which employers’ organization they’re part of. But when I test the form and select a organization it doesnt show in the backend while all the other text fields do. Any idea of how I can output the value chosen from the select field to be displayed in the user profile in the backend? Thanks in advance!

  • I haven’t got a clue how you have created this form with elementor, so I don’t know how it works.

    This would also depend on what type of select field you are talking about. Is the field type “Select” or is it another field type that us using a select field to make choices.

    More then likely there is one of two things happening. 1) When saving the value the corresponding field key reference entry is not being created in the DB 2) The value is not stored in the correct format for ACF to understand the data.

    More information will need to be given about the field type and how the data is being updated in the DB.

  • Okay, so I just created an Elementor form with the normal Elementor widget but used PHP to make it save submissions as a user, so it would act as a register form. Then I found out I didn’t need to put the field on the field type “Select’, I needed it to be on text and then add a “Select” field to the Elementor form and link it with the field. So easy yet so forgettable lol!

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