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How To Display New Fields On Front End?

  • I am not a developer, but have inherited a WordPress site that has ACF installed. There are several pages already set up that utilize custom fields. I need to add one field to one of the pages. I have figured out how to add the field to the page in the ‘field groups’ area. I see the field (a WYSIWYG box) in the WP admin, have added some test text and have hit ‘update’, but when I refresh I don’t see my test text on the front end. Is there a step I am missing to get my new field to display on the front end. Thanks in advance for any guidance you can provide in a way a non-developer can understand!

  • Thank you John. So if I understand correctly, I pretty much have to know programming to get the new fields to display? I know how to navigate to the theme template page that I need to edit, but I have no idea what code I need to add.

  • Yes, basic PHP and HTML coding is required to use this plugin. Fields do not automatically display on the front end.

  • Hello again – I’m still tinkering around to see if I can figure out how to get my new fields to display on the front end of my website. In my ‘custom fields’ area in the admin, there is an ‘export’ tab that has buttons to generate xml and php code. Are these buttons generating the updated code that I need to then paste into my ‘editor’ area? I’ve tried searching in the forums to better understand how it works, but unfortunately much of it is over my head.

    Thank you for your patience with my inexperience.

  • No. The export functions in the plugin are for exporting the field groups so that they can either be created using code or imported into another site. There are plugins that will give you basic code for your templates. This is one of them

    If you’re using simple fields (I.E. not repeaters or flex fields) the code you need is extremely simple. Adjusting the HTML of the theme would could be more difficult.

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