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How to display a repeater image?

  • I’m sure I’m missing something quite simple but I’ve searched the forums and cannot find a solution…

    I want to display an image from a repeater field in the options table.

    I have it set currently to return a URL and using the standard shortcode:

    [acf field="services_0_service_image" post_id="options"]

    quite happily displays the URL.

    Now, if I try:

    <img src="[acf field="services_0_service_image" post_id="options"]">

    It’s not happy, and I believe it is due to the “‘s within the src””

    I’ve also read elsewhere to use single ‘ instead so I’ve tried both:

    <img src="[acf field='services_0_service_image' post_id='options']">


    <img src='[acf field="services_0_service_image" post_id="options"]'>

    But neither work either.

    How can I pull the image from the options table and display it?

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