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How to customize the ACF flexible content

  • Hello, your plugin is very sophisticated. I’m very glad you found it. This will save my life. I just need to tweak a few things and everything will be fine. I would like to customize the flexible_content change his position is on the bottom and put it on top, and instead of a dropdown button to add the items, I would like to make a grid with pictures. As you can see below.

    it is like this:

    I want you so:


  • As far as i know, this is not possible in ACF. It may be possible with a lot of work, a lot of code, both PHP and JavaScript, and a lot more time than someone is going to spend helping you solve it here on this forum.

    Is this something you’ve seen somewhere else?

  • I understand. No, I’m developing a wordpress theme and want to buy a developer of ACF license to use on my clients’ projects in Brazil, and thought a visual would be interesting as well to content flexible.

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