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How to connect 2 Custom Post types

  • So I want to create a true relationship between 2 custom post types. Something similar what would be done with MySQL way, having a primary and secondary key. I want to have something like one to many.

    I have two custom posts. Artist and Event.

    Artists have their own fields, events as well. Thing is. If I create with taxonomies and put fields from artists under events, events would have those taxonomies and that would work fine. For an example location. When you go to events/locations/ you can see those. However. I need things to be mainly set to Artist (CPT) and on Event CPT to select Artist.

    But then, event is in relation to that Artist and has things related to Artist (location, genre and similar). In this case artist bcs of those fields (taxonomies) would have those taxonomy/category/archive pages, but I need them for the events as well.

    Example: Artist X is placed inside genre music. Event X is created, I select Artist X, now this event has automatically genre music. Now Artist has URL artist/genre/music but event as well event/genre/music.

    I know about the post object and relation field, but not sure is it the right way as I think a proper way exist.

    Any help, would be appreciated. Thanks

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