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How to built a function where user can post & view services?

  • I am working in a project, where:

    1. A page where user (taxi drivers) can fill a form to get bookings.
    – View image: 1. User front form
    User front form

    2. A page where filled booking form information comes up as a listing, not a separate page.
    – View image: 2. Page that display created entries
    2. Page that display created entries

    And after all of this, we will this website to a Mobile App, so I hope thats not a problem, at the end.

    Is it possible with ACF, as I am not able to find a theme on themeforest that can do this.

    Jatin Chhabra

  • Is this possible to do with ACF? Yes it is.

    Will it be difficult? Yes.

    You will need to build a page of some kind that will show all of the listings submitted by each user. This can be done in various ways using WP. For example users could be set up as a Taxonomy and then you could use the taxonomy archive template to show the list. This could also be done with a CPT where each user has a post and then listing are child posts of their main post. Their are probably other ways this can be done.

    With this listing page in place you could add an acf_form() to the page that would create a new post based on how you decide to build the system for storing the listings discussed above.

  • Hi John, sorry for the late reply as I just saw your email today.

    Now I have tried to make something with 2 plugins (JetEngine and Jet Smart Filters from CrocoBlocks) and they are nice, but still I need more features which aren’t available with this. Though by using then now I have more idea of CPT. Plus now I have a live example of my requirement to share with you. Please have a look.

    So our test website is:
    – Aim is to built a website and then turn in into a Mobile app.

    Here please open AVAILABLE TAXI page :

    You will see that there are entries which are being generated with a front end form ( which is also from jet engine (Jet Engine Form Builder).

    Plus on AVAILABLE page I have also added filters like:
    1. Taxi from:
    2. Taxi to:
    3. Car model:
    4th is just the remove option that appears when I choose any filter (good stuff)

    Now features which I can’t get from CrocoBlock is that I for the sake of getting minimum requirement need:

    A date filter (more important) I need a date filter, not date range, like if you see the AVAILABLE page ( I have Date: in all entries. I want to filter these listing with DATE FIELD option.


    A Multi Select Dropdown in form, example, not as fancy as their but like when I search a city like Jaipur, then I just need to type J or JAI and I get related options in form.
    Its a important feature but I can live without it.

    Now date field option is available with JET Smart filter but its not working properly and the team at CrocoBlocks have accepted it as a Bug.

    So, I can get what I want with ACF?

    Jatin Chhabra

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