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How to backup/restore Option pages user saved values

  • So I know how to import/export field values but here I am talking about user saved values. They work with the WordPress importer but not for the ACF5 option pages, those don’t show up.

    Also it seems the user saved values for custom post types taxonomies don’t export (or import?)

    Is there a fix for that yet? I need this for my themes to backup demo content.

  • +1 for import/export for option pages

  • Well if it is really not part of it, I really want to ask why option pages exist at all?
    Can’t Elliot Condon explain this? I need to release a theme soon and this is bugging me.

    On top of this I have all my image fields’s image urls that seem to have been lost in the export and most of my taxonomy term fields are not exported too.

    My theme is actually pretty worthless without these working right now.

  • +1 for being able to export/import option page values

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