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How to add linebreaks to wysiwyg editor

  • As the title says my wysiwyg editor is not adding linebreaks to my text. I tried with a normal text area with automatic br with no success. I have tried to remove wpautop and add it. Nothing I’ve tried works.

    <div class="column width-8">
    							<p><?php echo $background['del1'];?></p>
    							<p class="mb-80"><?php echo $background['del2'];?></p>

    Any help is very appreciated!

  • Hey @webbmaster ,

    You should unwrap the field from <p> tags, so let it:

    echo $background['del1'];
  • Yes I tried that but it still didnt work. Right now I have removed the additional p tags in the functions.php. I have tried without the remover of wpautop but neither works.

  • Do you have any other thoughts on how to solve my problem?

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