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How to add customs fields on a Category ?

  • Hello,

    How can I add a custom field on a category page (I mean on the ‘Edit Category’ page, not on a post). I want to be able to pick a color for each category.

    So for the example, I created a category ‘Forest’. Then in ACF, I created a field ‘Color’ and for the Rules, I picked ‘Taxonomy Term’ is equal to ‘Forest’.

    But the field does not appear! I do not understand why…

    PS: I use the last version of ACF Pro and the last version of WP

  • Can you post a screen shot of your location rules for the field group.

  • Yes, here you are.

    ‘Forest’ was an example, but the real category name is ‘Systèmes constructifs’ (French) and the field I want to add is a media (image).

  • That actually didn’t help me, sorry, I only understand english.

    From your original post it seems like you’ve set the rule to

    Post Taxonomy is equal to Forest

    When using the Taxonomy Term location rule you should not be able to select individual categories. For example, on my test site when I select Taxonomy Term I see the following choices All, category, and post_tag

  • Oh! Thanks you! Taxonomy Term was the solution!

    But this is a bit fustrating, there is no way to select a specific category ?

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