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How to add content to Tab

  • Hi, I’ve created a ‘tab’ but I can’t find out how to add content it.

    I would have thought that when setting up the Tab you’d then be able to select other ACF you’ve created to be added to it. Or, from another ACF you’ve created to select it to appear in the Tab, but I can’t find this. it states about repeaters + flexible content and there’s demos of each there, but I”m struggling to see how these work with Tab.

    Thanks in advance,

  • When you add a tab field, all fields added in the group after that tab and before the next tab will be “IN” that tab.

  • @hube2 ah, thanks. As a feature improvement, perhaps when adding a Tab, it would be worth adding a Tool Tip? “Add other fields below to include them in this Tab” or something similar 🙂 Or, another solution that I’d like would be under the Tab, for there to be another section where you could select existing ACF’s to include the Tab.

  • Not worth a tool tip imo. The docs are sufficient imo.

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