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How to add alt-text to image?

  • I am really just a novice at WordPress. I am trying to use this plug-in to add some alt-text to six images that I have on my first page. But the alt-text never loads. I have entered text into every text box that I can find related to the image, but still nothing. Please see below:

    div class=”content_box02″> <img src=”” width=”124″ height=”90″ alt=””

    As you can see, the alt tag is empty. I am using the latest plugin update with WP3.9x. Is there a link to show how to do this? My website is:

    Thank you!

  • Hi @n6xb,

    If you are using the image field for the 6 images on your homepage, have a look at the image field documentation >> Image field documentation

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