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How to achieve this data model?

  • I’m looking at creating a site with the following concept:
    At PR agencies, reps are responsible for creating and mailing out to journalists comments made by their client’s executives in response to news events. I’d like to create a website on which they post this comment in the clients’ names, building in to a respository/feed of comments for each company executive.

    How would I do this and WordPress and is ACF useful or even necessary?

    Here are some thoughts on the data model…

    – Users called reps (user role type?) belong to groups (objects?) called agencies (taxonomy terms?).

    – Users called execs (user role type?) belong to groups (objects?) called companies (taxonomy terms?).

    Companies must relate to an agency, so that an agency may have a basket of companies for which it is responsible (relate term to term?).

    – Only an agency rep can post anything – but not in their own name…

    – Reps should be able to post content only for execs whose company relates to the rep’s agency. (How would we manage this important logic?)

    So, there’s a sort of “user groups” element, which may be possible by relating a user to a term; there’s a requirement that groups of different types must relate and there are permission considerations.

    I could imagine using ACF to relate an agency term to a company term and relate a user to a term, though I know the latter is possible with the LH User Taxonomies term, too.

    Ultimately, this would all need to be done in the front-end, but I won’t get ahead of myself.


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