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How te get uri and names of images

  • In a field I have 2 images. How can I find the uri and the names of the images?

  • If you have a field group with two image fields – let’s label them First Image and Second Image, with field names first_image and second_image. Make sure that the Return Value is Image Object.

    $image1 = get_field('first_image');
    echo $image1['title'];
    echo $image1['url'];
    $image2 = get_field('second_image');
    echo $image2['title'];
    echo $image2['url'];

    You can see all the information in the image object using var_dump($image1);.

  • I have 1 field with 2 images. I do not want to create a field for each image, because the number of images can be changed by the customer.
    How can I get the URI en names of the images?

  • How do you have two images in a single field? Are you using a repeater field?

  • Yes ik have 2 images in a single field and the images are under each other.
    I am not using a repeater field.

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