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How does structure work ?

  • Hello all,

    The home page of our website has been developped with ACF plugin.
    I’ve a lot of issues with the company who developped the site and can’t have information from them.
    One of a mistake I’ve just discovered is that the structure of the pages is bad.
    The home page is not well structured
    – H1 is not the title
    – H3 is missing
    – H5 should be H4 etc…
    I would like to improve this but I don’t know where is stored the structure of the Home Page.
    If someone could help, thanks !
    NB: It’s a wordpress blog based on Sahifa Theme,

  • You should contact support for the theme you’re using. The location and template system used on your site will be dictated by whatever system the theme uses.

  • Thanks of your feedback John.
    Does it means that the structure (tags) is not managed in ACF ?

  • I don’t know the answer to that. In most themes you would start looking in either index.php or a custom template for the home page. Yes, the fields themselves are managed by ACF, but the output of those fields is determined by the theme and/or the developer that built that theme. Since the theme you mention is a premium theme, unless someone else has access to that theme and understands how it works, it will be hard for you to get any help here. I can’t even find any documentation on the authors site

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