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How do we get from "Replies Created" to their post threads?

  • Seems silly that we can only access username links and not thread titles over at /forums/users/%user%/replies/. How about adding a link to the post thread?

  • Hi @emcniece

    Sorry mate, I’m not following your question.

    Perhaps you can give it some more context?

  • You betcha! If you check out the “Forum Topics Started” page for a user ( /forums/users/emcniece/topics/ in my case ) we can see the title of the topic, the number of comments, the forum that the topic is placed within, and the last reply time along with the fancy circle status indicator. Since the title of the topic links directly to the full topic view, it’s easy to access these forum topics.

    When users are on the “Replies Created” page ( /forums/users/emcniece/replies/ in my case) there is no link to the parent topic – it only shows the user avatar, user name, timestamp and reply text. There does not seem to be any convenient method of jumping to the full thread that each reply belongs to!

    Do you think it would be a good idea to place a topic link in the “Forum Replies Created” page for each of the replies listed so that we can easily jump to each particular topic?

  • Aah, I see!

    Thanks for the info. I’ll fix this up ASAP

  • Looks awesome! Nice work 😉

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