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How do I remove this plugin?

  • Hey everyone,

    When I look at my plugins under “Advanced Custom Fields” there is the usual “deactivate|Edit” buttons.

    But I can’t deactivate it!

    When I click on “deactivate” I get a message at the top of the page that says “plugin deactivated”.

    But it does not appear to be deactivated. It’s not gray, it still says “deactivate|edit” not “Activate” – there is no “delete” button.

    And – I have no idea where this plugin came from – I didn’t install it. I think it got installed automatically with a theme. But I’m back to using my own theme and it’s still here and I’m not sure, but I think it’s causing a conflict with “Metro Menu Customizer” – my menu’s are disappearing and this is the only plugin I can’t deactivate to test with.

    Help! 😉


  • Hi @trident50

    I am not sure what theme you are using, but perhaps you should look at the files in your theme / plugins folder?

    Simple deleting the ACF plugin folder will remove it.


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