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How do I create a restaurant menu?

  • I want to make a simple restaurant menu similar looking to where I have the various food categories, the menu item name and description aligned left and the price aligned right.

    There seems to be no documentation on this whatsoever and making menus seems to be a perfect use for this plugin, unless I am completely confused.

  • Hi there @alpinepvp,

    You are absolutely correct, you could most definitely use ACF to build a menu. What you’ll probably want is the repeater add-on.

    You could build a Field Group called something like:

    “Menu Section” (For instance, a section could be called “Pancakes”)

    Then within that field group, add a text field for the section title, then create a new repeater field with a text field for the menu item, a text area for the item description, then another field type of your choosing for the price.

    You will of course have to be a little handy with WordPress templating, PHP, and of course, your good ol’ pal Google.

    Hopefully that points you in the right direction!

  • So you are saying I need to spend more money in order for this widget to have the functionality it needs to have? I tried to watch the repeater video but it is impossible for me to understand silent video, I have no idea the context of what I am looking at. I guess I don’t understand what the hell this plugin is supposed to do.

  • I understand how you feel. Maybe I can explain it. On the WordPress platform, pages are displayed in groups of data, and they are referred to as “posts.” WP comes out of the box with two “post types” ; “pages” and the standard “post.”

    The WordPress API allows you to attach “custom fields”, or blocks of data to any post. However, the API is fairly cumbersome for the average user to find useful, so there have been several frameworks built to make the process more user friendly. ACF is one of them.

    ACF is maintained for free, but offers expanded functionality in the form of add-ons such as repeater and flexible content. Offering these add-ons for a fee helps support forums like this one, which offers free support by experts, and helps people like you and me connect the dots where needed, so they can make full use of the software and get their money’s worth.

  • I’m still confused on just where to start, I thought I had a pretty good handle on code and this just seems to be a confused mess.

  • Allright, how long have you been working with WordPress? Are you very familiar with the admin panel?

  • been doing WP for years, i’m referring to this plugin.

  • Hi @alpinepvp

    The repeater field is a great add-on to create repeatable data.
    A normal custom field can only contain 1 value, this is great for ‘Hero Image’ or ‘Welcome Text’.

    If you require the ability to create multiple values for the 1 field, this is when you need repeatable data and the repeater field.

    The repeater field will create a table like interface where you can specify the columns (like in excel) and then enter as many rows of data as you wish.

    This will be great to add each dish as a new row on the repeater field. Please checkout the docs to learn how to simply loop over the rows of data and output each dish!


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