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Horrible slowdown with nested repeater

  • We have a clients site with a nested repeater field. This is returned in a shortcode. The client is using this shortcode within tabs which he adds in the backend with another repeater field.

    So, the client adds 4 tabs using a repeater field, in each tab he adds a shortocde which calls in a nested repeater each containing around 10 reasonably small images.

    This causes the page load to take about 26 seconds.

    For testing I have cut the shortcode function down to just

    if( get_field('prod_r', 'option') ):

    So all the shortcode is doing is checking if the field exists. With this line alone the load time is still 26 seconds. If I check another field, like

    if( get_field('analytics_id', 'option') ):

    The page loads fine without the slowdown.

    If I move the shortcodes into the standard page content the load time is about 8 seconds. Seems that for some reason, even just a conditional check

    if( get_field('prod_r', 'option') )

    is very slow but calling the shortcodes within jquery ui tabs that are also created by an acf repeater cause a dramatic increase to the slowdown of about 20 seconds.

    Can’t get to the bottom of this one, any ideas?


    • Elliot

    • September 21, 2013 at 2:35 pm

    Hi @phantomdentist

    Can you explain what the prod_r field is? Also, can you show some screenshots of the backend field / data?

    Perhaps you will find a speed increase if you edit the field and change the image return type to ‘ID’ instead of ‘Image Object’ – this would load a lot less data

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