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High traffic sites using ACF?

  • Anyone know of sites using ACF that get millions of page views per month?

    I’ve used ACF successfully on many sites. Lately, I’m getting some questions about it on a new project that’s expecting several million monthly page views. Also, WordPress VIP hosting doesn’t have ACF on their plugin whitelist, and I haven’t had luck getting them to approve using it on their platform.

    I don’t see why there’d be issues scaling a site with ACF, but I’d love to give the rest of the team some evidence of ACF used in the wild on high traffic sites. Thanks!

  • I figured I would post something since no one else has. I have some sites that get a lot of traffic, although not in the millions of page views. I guess it would depend on the time that you get the million page views. At any rate, I don’t see any issues with one of my sites that gets 10s of thousands of page views per month. For any high traffic sites I would suggest using a caching plugin like

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