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Hierarchical custom Fields

  • Can we have hierarchical custom fields using ACF?

  • Hi @shobhit,

    Thanks for the question.

    I am not sure I am clear on what you mean by hierarchical custom fields but with ACF it is possible to nest fields within other fields.

    The parent field should be a flexible content field or a Repeater field.

    Please have a look at these pages for more info: and

  • Hi James,

    I think I might want the same thing @shobhit is looking for:

    I’m looking for an interface very much the same as WP menu. Creating an item (A) and then a sub item (A1), where A1 is a child of A. So one would be able to drag and drop the items into any hierarchy, however deep (3 or 4 levels): i.e.

    custom field A
    – custom field A1
    — custom field A1.1
    — custom field A1.2
    — custom field A1.2.1
    custom field B
    – custom field B1
    — custom field B1.1
    — custom field B1.1.1

    (drag and drop to alter hierarchies…)

    P.S. it would be great if “custom field” above could be a repeater field where the row contains multiple fields…


  • Hi there,

    Is there an answer for this?

    I also need to use the Parent – Child hierarchy setup.

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