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Hiding elements based on Radio Button selection

  • I have a Radio Button custom field, with three options:

    • location-1
    • location-2
    • none

    On page there are 2 images with the classes “image-1” and “image-2”. I would like to hide “image-2” when the option “location-1” is selected, hide “image-1” when “location-2” is selected, and hide both “image-1” and “image-2” when “none” is selected.

    I’m still learning and I can’t seem to get the function working. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

  • A couple questions:

    1) Do you mean on the front-end, you’re unsure how to check against the selected radio button?

    IF you’re asking questions about the Admin Panel…

    2) Are these things ( radio buttons, images ) all part of the same Field Group?

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