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Hiding Attachment Post Default Fields in wp-admin

  • Hi Elliot

    Great plugin. Thank you.

    I am adding custom fields to an attachment post and would like to ‘hide’ the display of some of the default fields on this post type. In the field group I have created, there is an option at the end of the field group ‘Hide on screen’. This works for the permalink on the attachment post page, but not for any other fields.

    Any pointers on how to remove such as the description greatly appreciated.


  • The best advice that I can give is to hide them with CSS. I don’t know the details of the css you’d need to use but you can add css to the admin like this.

    add_action('admin_init', 'hide_fields_on_attachments');
    function hide_fields_on_attachments() {
        <style type="text/css>
          /* add styles to override wp and hide fields */

    You can use a code inspector to figure out what style you need to add.

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