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Hiding ACF and all of it’s pages

  • Hello,

    If there a good way to hide all admin related ACF things, even from Administrators?

    The use case is that ACF is great and useful for us in are development environment. When we go live sometimes the client expects administrator access and they will start poking around ACF and making field changes. Since we use local json for this we prefer to make all field changes in development and sync them to live. Making live changes breaks this workflow.

    So my solution is to do an ENVIRONMENT constant check and hopefully just hook into some filters / actions to hide the UI completely in the back end so we dont need to worry about clients making adverse changes that can hurt the site or unsync it.

    I assume it can be handled with permissions, but I am specifically wondering if there is an already built in filter we can hook into to add our own logic?


  • add_filter('acf/settings/show_admin', '__return_false');

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