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Hiding a ACF_Form If Full?

  • Hello, is it possible to hide a ACF_form based on a check on if it is full?

    I have a ACF Form setup with a repeater field but once it’s filled out I don’t want it to be editable on the front end. I feel like this could be a simple PHP If check statement but am unsure of how to check if the form data is full. The repeater field has a maximum set of rows of 3, is this something that is possible once each row is full? Can we check it via number?

    Any help or push would be greatly appreciated.

  • A littel more details on whats happening. I’ve got a woocomemrce shop setup and ACF_Form to show up on each individual order page on the front and back end through ACF_FORM. Person purchases product and then has to fill out the required information on the order to finish and submit.

    After the information is full we don’t want it to be edited without contacting customer support. the call to the product and form is simple as follows

    	<?php if ($product_id == 263 ) : 
                        'post_id'       => $order_id,
                        'field_groups'  => array( 382 ),
                        'post_title'    => false,
                        'post_content'  => false,
                        'submit_value'  => __('Update Info')
        endif; ?>

    Workin great, just don’t understand if I can run a check on the exisiting ACF_form data to see if it’s empty. Is looping through each field first the key and then showing the form if one comes back say empty/false?

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