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Hide/Encrypt Add-On Activation Code

  • Hi,

    I would like to request a feature to hide/encrypt the activation codes in the premium add-on files.

    I am creating a premium WordPress theme that includes the Advanced Custom Fields plugin and all of the premium add-ons (Repeater Field, Gallery Field, Flexible Content Field & Options Page).

    I understand that the license allows us to include the add-ons with premium themes, however, I noticed that anyone who downloads a WordPress theme would also be able to download the premium add-ons for free using the activation code.


  • Hi @thinkwell

    Yes, I need to find a solution to simple remove the update script for then developers to distribute in their themes.

    If you want, you can remove the update code which contains the activation code

  • Hi @elliot

    Sounds good. Where can I locate the update code that contains the activation code so I can remove it?

  • Hi @thinkwell

    Don’t worry about it just yet.

    I will be releasing updates for all add-ons soon (just relased options page today) which will include a new ‘updater’ file which can simply be removed from the add-on for distribution within a theme / plugin


  • Fantastic, I look forward to seeing the new releases!

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