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    • dannybr

    • September 9, 2015 at 5:26 pm

    hey, I’m managing a repeater field to host a lot of rows which makes a hard time for the browser to load it all,
    I wonder if there is any way to hide it in the control panel.

    btw, is there a limit of rows in the repeater ?

    thanks !

  • There isn’t any way to hide the repeater field so that it does not load. There is a plugin that will collapse them

    There is not limit to the number of rows you can have in a repeater except for settings in PHP and the physical limits of your server. There is a php setting named max_input_vars, if you go over the value of this setting then the excess rows will be ignored. There is a plugin available that will tell you when you’re exceeding the setting.

  • Assuming you added a listener to your parent repeater’s ItemDataBoundEvent, then you will need to change your linq query slightly to not use an anonymous type (Create a protected class that has your properties) In mjy case I am using dto as the class name.

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