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"Hide" a Flexible Layout in Editor

  • Hi there. Was wondering if there can be a new feature add-on to “Show/Hide” (Show by default) each flexible layout? As I tend to export and re-use my flexible content layouts across multiple websites, this feature would be very useful if i can choose to hide certain layouts from showing up in some website themes that doesn’t require all the layouts in the theme template scripts.

  • You could use an acf/prepare field filter to remove the layouts that you don’t want to show May be a little complicated. I think you’d need to loop though the layouts in the flex field to find the ones you want to remove. I think that the developer might consider this an “edge” case, but you could try submitting your feature request by opening a new ticket (the developer really does not read these forums very often)

    • Mykola

    • June 26, 2020 at 5:46 pm

    Hi lingolwl,

    a little out of time but this plugin does what you need

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