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Hero themes with ACF

  • Hey everyone, so I’m building out a custom site that will have a knowledgebase, but the client wants me to make it so his employees can make pages with no knowledge of html. So basically I’m using the “Hero themes knowledge base” plugin which lets you create documentation for a saas or product you sell.

    I have ACF installed and I’ve used it before, but I’m not sure how to implement this with hero themes, because the template they use calls each individual page, it doesn’t have the code on it that I want to customize with ACF. I attached an image of the template to clarify, it’s grabbing the template part and I added some html above it, but I want to implement ACF in what is being got by “<?php hkb_get_template_part(‘hkb-compat’, ‘single’); ?>” cuz that contains all the html on the page. Any ideas on how to instead of getting the template part, actually just having the html from each individual page?

    thanks everyone, i appreciate the help.

  • Also I read you can add shortcodes, but this won’t work because I’d have to create those shortcodes for each page that is created, when I need a template to be used that I put the code in, and the client uses.

  • In a normal theme you would find the file “hkb-compat-single.php”. More than that I wouldn’t be able to tell you without owning a copy of the theme. The best place to find out more information would be either the documentation on the theme of contacting the theme author to find out how to modify templates. Some let you modify the templates while other require using hooks.

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