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Help With Creating An Array

  • I want to create an array from the content provided in 3 different checkboxes. I am using WP Frontend in WordPress, to create a form that has different multiselect boxes for different categories.

    For example:

    **Category 1:** Tags: 45,78,97
    **Category 2**: Numbers: 3,7,9
    **Category 3:** Marks: 4,8,12

    When Selected, I would like to create an array that would look like this:

    [tags] => Array
    [0] => Array
    [0] => 45
    [1] => 78
    [2] => 97
    [numbers] => Array
    [0] => 3
    [marks] => Array
    [0] => 18

    Then I would like to serialize it, which would look like this:


    Any advice on the best way of creating this would be massively appreciated.


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