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Help with Creating a Table Using Nested Repeaters

  • Hey friends!

    I am trying to use nested repeaters to output a table layout.

    My final goal is to create a chronological list of service projects organized by decade. So each decade contains a list of rows, for each year in that decade. The year rows have 4 fields: year, project, donation, notes.

    Here is what I have set up:

    1) I have a field group called “Past Grand Service Projects”
    2) I have a repeater field called “Grand Service” (grand_service)
    3) Nested inside this repeater field is: 1) a text field I want to use for the decade label (decade) and 2) another repeater that will create the rows for the years within the decade.

    I have everything set up correctly in ACF. I can click to add new decades or new years on the back end.

    My issue is that I don’t know how to properly display it on the front end.

    Below is the code I am trying, but it is not working and I would love to get this table layout outputted on the Past Grand Service page of my site.

        if( have_rows('grand_service'):
            while ( have_rows('grand_service') ) : the_row(); ?>
                <h2><?php the_sub_field('decade'); ?></h2>
                <?php if ( have_rows('year') ): ?>
                        <?php while ( have_rows('year') ) : the_row(); ?>
                                <td><?php the_sub_field('pgsp_year'); ?></td>
                                <td><?php the_sub_field('pgsp_project'); ?></td>
                                <td><?php the_sub_field('pgsp_donation'); ?></td>
                                <td><?php the_sub_field('pgsp_notes'); ?></td>
                        <?php endwhile; ?>
                <?php endif; ?>
            <?php endwhile; ?>
     <?php endif; ?>

    Something is wrong and I don’t know what. I may need to have the get_sub_field in there, but I am just not sure.

    Any help would be hugely appreciated! I have attached a screenshot of my ACF setup.


  • From what I can see, you have this set up exactly how it should be. About the only thing I can ask before I try to duplicate this is:

    Is this on a post page or an options page?

  • John,

    Ok, thanks for getting back to me. I have resolved the issue above, but I have a new issue: I have a repeater that has gone haywire and is repeating into infinity!!!

    Here is the page:

    Here is the page template:

    add_action( 'genesis_entry_content', 'rainbow_assemblies_of_ca' );
    function rainbow_assemblies_of_ca() {
        if ( have_rows('assemblies_of_ca') ):
            while ( have_rows('assemblies_of_ca') ) : the_row(); ?>
                <h2 class="decade-title"><?php the_sub_field('region_of_ca'); ?><h2>
                <?php if ( have_rows('assemblies_of_ca') ): ?>
                            <tr class="assemblies-row">
                                <td>Meeting Times</td>
                                <td>Contact Person</td>
                        <?php while ( have_rows('assembly_info') ) : the_row(); ?>
                            <tr class="assemblies-row">
                                <td><?php the_sub_field('assembly_city'); ?></td>
                                <td><?php the_sub_field('assembly_address'); ?></td>
                                <td><?php the_sub_field('assembly_meeting_times'); ?></td>
                                <td><?php the_sub_field('assembly_contact_person'); ?></td>
                        <?php endwhile; // end assemblies info ?>
                <?php endif; // end assembly_info ?>
            <?php endwhile; // end assemblies_of_ca ?>
    <?php endif; // end assemblies_of_ca
    } // End rainbow_assemblies_of_ca();
    genesis(); // Initialize Genesis
    // End of File

    Can you see what is causing the repeater to never stop? I must be missing something simple, but I can’t see it.


    if ( have_rows('assemblies_of_ca') ):
            while ( have_rows('assemblies_of_ca') ) : the_row(); ?>
                <?php if ( have_rows('assemblies_of_ca') ): ?>
                        <?php while ( have_rows('assembly_info') ) : 

    I think that second if should probably be

    if ( have_rows('assembly_info') ):
  • Yup, that was it! Thanks again. This plugin is amazing. Can’t wait to learn more about how to use it.

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