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Help with conditional fields

  • Hi, I’m trying to build a condition to create columns.

    What I did is teh following: first, created a radio button field with the different possible values (one column, 2 columns 50/50, 2 olumns 33/66, 2 columns 66/33), 3 columns and 4 columns.

    Then created fields like Column 1 content, Column 2 content, Column 3 content and Column 4 content.

    These fields would show in a conditional way, exception made of Column 1 content which will show on all of them. Then Column 2 content will show on all but 3 columns and 4 columns, and Column 3 content will show on all but 4 columns and Column 4 content will show only if 4 columns is selected.

    However, no matter the conditions I choose, it doesn’t work. If I add a condition to show 2, 3, or 4 columns ONLY, it will show on all conditions anyways. Not even adding “show here and DO NOT SHOW there” it doesn’t work. It’s like a binary option: either it shows everywhere or it doesn’t show anywhere.

    Obviously, I assume I’m doing something wrong. But 3 different people tried to tackle this and nobody could do it, so this is my last resource

    The closer I got is to show 2 columns using the conditionals as in teh attachment. However, it also shows on one column (full width), despite it clearly says “Columns Layout IS NOT EQUAL to Full Width”. So I’m completely lost at this point

    I saw a post about a similar problem that was fixed by changing to Select instead of Radio, so tried that as well. It didn’t help at all, still the same. While i don’t think it should be an issue in this case, I deactivated all plugins but ACF to no avail

  • Show column 2 if
    – value is not equal to Full Width

    Show column 3 if
    – value is equal to 3 columns
    – value is equal to 4 columns

    Show column 4 if
    – value is equal to 4 columns

  • Hi John, this didn’t work (it’s the first thing I did) but I solved in another way

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